Albizia julibrissin Tropical Dream (pbr) 'Pos 1'

Albizia julibrissin 'Tropical Dream' is an exuberant flowering tree with large numbers of fluffy pink flowers standing on stalks. Flowering starts in July and continues until mid-September, during which each day new flowers open up. Albizia is also called 'sleeping tree' since the delicate leaves of the fern-like foliage close each night like the hands of a Buddha. 'Tropical Dream' is the best one from a selected group of seedlings from the higher areas around Seoul (Korea). It is therefore quite frost hardy. The trees already flower after two years. Without pruning the tree grows 16 to 20 ft (5 to 6 m) high. After ten years it can be pruned annually to encourage flowering, but it is not necessary. 'Tropical Dream' is the longest-flowering, small hardy tree for cooler climates.


Albizia julibrissin Tropical Dream (pbr) 'Pos 1'
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