Cornus kousa 'Helena' (pbr)

'Helena' is a deciduous white variegated shrub which stands out with its vigor, stable variegation and easy propagation by grafting. Helena is a sport from Cornus kousa var. chinensis found by J.H.M. Verstappen. On many Cornus kousa cultivars,'Helena'takes pruning very well and can be shaped to fit any garden. Unlike most Cornus kousa 'Helena' grows on all soil types but dislikes alkaline soils. The flowers of Cornus kousa 'Helena' are pale green and not particularly striking but the white ruffled flower husk leaves create an impressive assembly.
With its beautifully variegated foliage, robust growth, its hardiness and ease of pruning, 'Helena' is a real asset.


Cornus kousa 'Helena' (pbr)
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