Pieris japonica 'Viking' (pbr)

Pieris japonica 'Viking' is an innovative small Pieris which owes its name to its Scandinavian origin (Denmark). 'Viking' distinguishes by its compact growth and ease of use in any garden or patio. Pieris japonica 'Viking' is a healthy and strong plant and because of its extremely compact growth, pruning is not needed. After 10 years Pieris japonica 'Viking' reaches a height and width of about 50cm. The compact shrub has beautiful red buds and as from May 'Viking' flowers with small white flowers that cover the plant completely. The small dark green leaves of Pieris japonica 'Viking' contrast beautifully with the red flower buds and the fragrant white open flowers. Pieris japonica 'Viking' is perfectly suited for a rock or heather garden, or as grave planting. The plant is also very well suited for a balcony or terrace.


Pieris japonica 'Viking' (pbr)
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