Skimmia japonica Red Berry Bee® (pbr) 'Moerings6'

Skimmia japonicaRed Berry Bee is a new selection from the 'Autumn Pearls' collection of André Moerings. The name of Red Berry Bee already hints to the plant's special berries. The berries of Red Berry Bee are dark red and stand in racemes at the plant. Together, the relatively large berries make nice full racemes. These racemes remain long on the plant, and are sometimes still visible when next year's flowers start to develop.

Red Berry Bee has a strong root system and for growers it is an easy to breed product.

Like almost every berry Skimmia, Red Berry Bee also needs a male pollinator but the plant can be fairly easily fertilized.

Red Berry Bee can very well be used on a balcony or patio. In the garden, on a semi-shaded spot, it will also do very well.


Skimmia japonica Red Berry Bee® (pbr) 'Moerings6'
PVR: EU39195
Plant Patent JPN: 32066
License: € 0,30


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